Haunted Lockdown: The 1885 Gonzales Jail Story

Saturday, June 13, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Haunted Lockdown: The 1885 Gonzales Jail Story (Run Time: 1 hour)

The 1885 Gonzales Jail is a nationally recognized site of historic significance. Yet it’s also well-known amongst paranormal enthusiasts for its haunted activity and a cursed town clock tower. One paranormal investigator even claims to have been attacked by a ghost! But is everybody convinced that the jail is really haunted? A forensics expert, local historians, paranormal researchers, and the daughter of the sheriff who lived in the jail for ten years all chime in to decide once and for all.

World Premiere!

Haunted Lockdown will premiere in the Gonzales Crystal Theatre. All revenue from this event will be donated to the Gonzales Jail Museum. This special screening includes a Question and Answer session with the cast and crew after the film.

The VIP Experience!

10 VIP tickets are available which include the screening, the question and answer session, plus a post-screening tour of the Gonzales Jail with the cast and crew. See the rebuilt gallows, sit in a cell, see the jailors quarters and the sites from the film itself!

511 Saint Lawrence Street, Gonzales

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