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C.B. Patton was born January 27, 1844, in Troupe County, Georgia... Read more
Carey Judson Pilgrim was born January, 1853, the son of Thomas... Read more
Located at the intersection of N. St. Joseph and St. George... Read more
The church was built in 1881, it is the oldest building still in... Read more
This beautiful Raised Cottage style house was designed by an... Read more
Joseph Henry Boothe was born November 20, 1851, in Wake County,... Read more
John Fauth, born April 7, 1833, in Derrenbach,Bavaria, Germany,... Read more
Mike J. Koch was born March 19, 1864, in Galveston, Texas, the... Read more
Robert Scott Dilworth was born September 24, 1868, in Gonzales,... Read more
This magnificent house was built in 1895 by cattle baron and... Read more

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