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Anytime during the year you can drive by these homes and see the unique architecture and construction. The Annual Winterfest Home Tour opens the doors to a select group of homes so that you can take in the interior beauty and charm.
The Gonzales Historic Homes Association Tour of Homes is held... Read more
Benjamin Nicholas Peck was born July 25, 1856, the son of B.B.... Read more
Belle Oaks Inn is a Louisiana Plantation Style mansion that has... Read more
This plantation style house was built in the 1840s. The house... Read more
Charles August Burchard, born in Gonzales, Texas, August 8, 1858... Read more
C.B. Patton was born January 27, 1844, in Troupe County, Georgia... Read more
Coke Emory Dilworth was born May 13, 1874, in Gonzales, the son... Read more
Charles Henry Hoskins was born in Terrell, Texas, July 30, 1881... Read more
Carey Judson Pilgrim was born January, 1853, the son of Thomas... Read more
Charles Taylor Rather, born June 20, 1855, in Huntsville, Texas... Read more
Dr. John Curtis Jones was born in 1837 in Lawrence County,... Read more
This wonderful house was built by Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson Smith... Read more
Edward Lewis was born in Gonzales, Texas, April 10, 1869, the... Read more
Edward Sweeney was born August 8, 1897, in Bonham, Texas. He... Read more
This dog-run style cabin was built after the Texas Revolution,... Read more
French Olin Smith was born August 1, 1871, in Lavaca County,... Read more
Frank Merriman Fly, born June 12, 1866, in Big Hill, Gonzales... Read more
Frank Vrazel was born July 30, 1868, in Moravia, Austria. He... Read more
Beautiful Queen Anne style house was built in 1897 by George... Read more
George W. Betts was born January 22, 1840, in Atlanta, Georgia,... Read more
George Washington Littlefield is one of the most interesting men... Read more
George Ewing, born January 9, 1864, in Brenham, Texas, was the... Read more
Henry Walter Matthews was born January 21, 1857, the seventh of... Read more
Henry Reese, Jr., born in Hallettsville, Texas, February 2, 1863... Read more
Hugh Lewis, born in Rankin County, Mississippi, April 10, 1832,... Read more
Hyman Friedman was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 30,... Read more
Isaac Newton Smead was born October 24,1815, in Seneca County,... Read more
Josiah Clyde Bright was born February 12, 1876, the son of W.J.... Read more
Julius Heinrich Remschel was born September 17, 1835, in Berlin... Read more
James "Jim" Robert Tinsley was born in Gonzales, Texas, July 31... Read more
James Blake Kennard, born June 24, 1861, in Plantersville,... Read more
This 15-room house was built in 1885. It was constructed using... Read more
This house was built in 1911 by banker and pharmacist Josiah... Read more
James Dunn Houston was born November 18, 1851, in DeWitt County... Read more
James Francis Miller was born August 1, 1832, in Tennessee,... Read more
This beautiful Raised Cottage style house was designed by an... Read more
Joseph Henry Boothe was born November 20, 1851, in Wake County,... Read more
This beautiful Greek Revival home was built in 1902 by Dr. Jesse... Read more
James Polk Randle, born in Gonzales County January 26, 1845, was... Read more
James William Bailey was born June 18, 1825, in Nashville,... Read more
Jacob Stahl, son of Solomon and Henrietta Wolfe Stahl, was born... Read more
John Fauth, born April 7, 1833, in Derrenbach,Bavaria, Germany,... Read more
John Steiner was born August 6, 1886, in Saturn, Gonzales County... Read more
This wonderful house was built by Mrs. L.M. Kokernot in 1914.... Read more
Lucien Chenault was born in Gonzales, Texas, December 15, 1852,... Read more
Mike J. Koch was born March 19, 1864, in Galveston, Texas, the... Read more
Osborne Bragg Robertson, the son of L.B.T. and Rhoda West... Read more
One of the oldest and most beautiful houses in Gonzales was... Read more
Paul Levyson was born in Pozen, Germany, May 1, 1839. He came... Read more
Robert Scott Dilworth was born September 24, 1868, in Gonzales,... Read more
Robert Scott Dilworth was born September 24, 1868, in Gonzales,... Read more


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