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Gonzales County CourthouseGonzales holds a unique place in Texas history as the site of the firing of the first shot for Texas independence. October 2, 1835 eighteen townsmen stood on the bank of the Guadalupe River and refused to give up their small cannon to the Mexican Army. A flag was fashioned showing a black replica of the cannon on a white background with words that would echo through the years, “Come and Take it.”

Gonzales further carved out its niche in history when 32 men answered the call for help from the Alamo. The immortal 32 were the only reinforcements who made it to the Alamo in time to fight and die along side many other heroes. After the fall of the Alamo, during the Runaway Scrape, General Sam Houston ordered the town of Gonzales burned. Later soldiers and townspeople returned to Gonzales to rebuild their town.

Independence Golf Course

The 49 original blocks and seven public squares laid out in the shape of a Greek cross withstood the test of time and form the first Texas History Museum District.

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